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Any Data Point | Digitized @ Source | Visible in Real Time

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Manufacturing plants are generating more data than ever before and the potential for generating data is increasing day by day. However, the tools used to access and analyze this data are often outdated and new systems come with steep learning curves and added layers of complexity.


At Factri.Ai we aim to address the following questions:

  • What if we could simplify all this with just one ‘smart’ employee?

  • What if every manufacturing worker could have access to a smart assistant (like Siri or OK Google) to help them with whatever they needed to do or find out?

  • What if getting an answer was as simple as asking a question – just like having ChatGPT for your factory?


There is no doubt that the future of manufacturing is an AI enabled workforce in which data will be a key raw material for driving efficiency and innovation.


Our goal is to enable the framework for factories to become future ready by providing a simple and intuitive platform for real time insights and alerts delivered via an AI enabled smart factory assistant.

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