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No-code digital platform for manufacturers

DataWiz is a plug & play platform that digitizes factory data at source for real-time operational visibility and insights

Meet DataWiz by Factri.Ai

The DataWiz Platform by Factri.Ai re-imagines shop floor order tracking by using off-the-shelf mobile devices and contactless technology to help manufacturers begin their digitization journey. It is a paperless solution that enables the capture of detailed order data on the shop floor with just a tap of an ID card or scan of a QR code using an android device. This information is then instantly available across the organization through a web-based dashboard for real time tracking, visibility and analysis.

data capture

By using contactless technology we are able to minimize number of user interactions required to log data. This significantly increases data accuracy by reducing operator time and inertia to capture data in real time.


Some ways by which DataWiz allows data logging and authentication:

  • scanning of QR codes

  • tapping of NFC cards

  • authentication via Face ID

How it works

Gamification incentives provide additional motivations for operators to log accurate confirmation data, adhere to standard process times and report anomalies as soon as they occur.

Our gamification engine also provides management the opportunity to reward operators and link incentive schemes to actual performance data.

gantt chart.png
Real time tracking
and visibility

All data logged into the system is immediately available across devices, allowing operators and managers to view/track progress in real-time as well as receive alerts for any anomalies such as quality issues or downtimes.

By keeping everyone on the same page, DataWiz allows for collaborative problem solving and increased overall productivity across the organization.

By focusing on minimizing user interactions and providing incentives for capturing the right data, DataWiz has access to highly granular and accurate data-sets.

Additionally, by running these data-sets through Sensei, our industry focused AI/ML engine, we are able to provide superior insights and analytics that impact both your bottom and top line.

Advanced insights
and analytics

A mobile app and web dashboard is all you need!

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Mobile App
Datawiz Web with logo.png
Web Dashboard

Simple, accurate and affordable data tracking

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